Herbie Seeds is a garden supply company focused on encouraging family growth and helping parents pass a love of gardening on to their children. Targeted towards children ages 5-12, the brand is whimsical with a personal voice, but has a trustworthy side to appeal to the parents who will be purchasing the products.
I created a garden gnome character named Herbie to carry the brand's name. I sprinkled him peeking up above different elements throughout the branding to add energy and fun. Freude, a rounded sans serif, drew my eye due to its hand-drawn aesthetic that matched the style I brought into the icons, patterns, and illustrations. I used wildflower seed paper for the seed packets, kit nesting, and business cards to minimize waste and promote environmental awareness. Creating a dual function for the seed packet belly band was important, so I designed a system to convert the band into a seed marker.
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