Hi! I'm Rebecca Lambertsen.
I am a designer and illustrator with a little bit of everywhere in my blood. I am currently based out of Fort Mill, South Carolina, though I’ve also lived in Okinawa, Japan and on both United States coasts. My travels around the country and the world have given me a colorful palette of experiences to draw from in my designs. After studying fine arts for two years in New York, I moved to San Diego where I received an associate’s degree in graphic design from San Diego City Community College in 2019.
When I’m not designing, you might find me out building my photography cache, painting, or exploring whatever landscape I find myself in.
I am currently available for collaborations and freelance work. My resume is available via the button below.
Contact me!
Like what you see or have a question about my work? Send me a message, and I'll respond as soon as possible.
PS. You look lovely today.
Thank you so much for reaching out! I look forward to meeting you.
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