Though Chinese plum wine has been made in homes for centuries, it is virtually unknown in the United States. High-end plum wine is even harder to find in the U.S., and Chiin seeks to fill that market. Targeted towards affluent buyers ages 30-50, the brand seeks to foster friendship and community, as the name itself means ā€œa very good friend.ā€
In an attempt to bring this Asian wine to Western markets, I blended elements from the two cultures in the bottle design. I intertwined Chinese characters for the flavors into patterns that can be seen on the reverse side of the back label through the wine itself. The logo is a simple crest with the Chiin ā€œCā€ in the center. I used the stately serif Caslon paired with friendly sans Brandon Grotesque to convey both the elegance and approachability of this brand. I chose foil in different colors to differentiate the flavors and contribute to the premium feel. The bottle form was chosen over a typical wine bottle for its wide mouth to allow easy access to the plums inside.
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