Remington is one of America's oldest and most trusted firearm and ammunition manufacturers, but their packaging leaves something to be desired. Alloy, their latest line of hunting ammunition, carries a cleaner, more sophisticated look and targets hunters ages 25-40.
When designing Alloy, I chose to steer away from Remington's green and yellow palette to clearly differentiate it on the shelves. Instead, I used woodgrain textures and grayscale images of game to capture a classic but trustworthy look. I built out a system of crests to clearly define and display caliber information prominently on the box. I used Sentinel, a sturdy clarendon, for its strong presence, and paired it with Trade Gothic, a classic American neo-grotesque. To further differentiate the product and reduce waste, I created a custom box dieline that doubles as a target for hunters to test their rounds. I ensured that the product would be secure in its container by using a tab-pull solution that is tamper-evident.
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